Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ominous Signs For Social Media

Recent reports in the newspapers are extremely critical about the intention of the Government to restrict and control the so called “objectionable content” that is being posted on social media sites. To join the bandwagon is easy, but let us ponder for a moment whether the intentions of the authorities are justified. To jump to the conclusion that I am not against Government control will be premature. So please read on....

To put the subject is the proper perspective, as I see it; I draw your attention to a recent news report that president Obama has not allowed his daughters to use Facebook. The reports also said that the president use the Facebook platform to woo the youth during his campaign in 2008. Why would a parent prohibit his or her child from frequenting these sites? It is only out of concern for the child, lest he or she gets influenced by objectionable material which is easily accessible.
Let me share with you another view of mine. The media in our country has become extremely loud and one gets the impression that the view projected by a section of the people, through the willing media that likes controversial stories and topics, represents the opinion of the whole country. Let us not forget that there is the silent section of the population that has its well founded and logical views on almost every contemporary subject.
Now, coming to the point, by restricting and controlling social media, the Government will not achieve a thing. In a free country, suffocating measures like this have no place; the more it is controlled the greater the urge of unscrupulous elements to increase their malicious activities. Facebook and other social networking sites are used by the vast majority of the people for constructive activities. And parents please bring up your children well and make them good and responsible citizens.


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