Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why A Company Should Monitor Social Media?

Zillions of people are communicating on social media channels, as this platform provides quicker and effective communication that is unmatched by any other medium, today. And the most interesting fact that we fail to notice each day is number of users increasing tremendously at high speed which has laid the foundation for creating an impact on business world.
When someone mentions that a Company must monitor social media sites; the next obvious question that arises is 'Why a company should Monitor Social Media sites?' So here is why:

Demand: It is an important factor for a Company to know demand in the market before and after introducing a new product and/or service. Like and dislike of the consumers should be known by the Company.  Each consumer enjoys being listened to and if a company listens keenly to their complains and compliments then they are sure to have a loyal follower for life.

It helps wonderfully in test marketing, and the risk of a business is reduced to a great extent. Social Media Monitoring also works for research on brands, patents, trademarks, etc. Don't forget the active surveys on various products that can be conducted online in matter of minutes! So, baby!! Listen to your loved ones -Your Customers! 

Connect And Engage: Who does not like to be connected? “Not me”. So a Company should commence their social media strategies and start monitoring to be connected on Social Media platform and channels. When a company is well connected, it also plays a role of engagement with their prospective and existing customers.

Stand on Competition: Competition! No company ignores competition in this vast, throat cutting global market. To face the hard competition a company should first start monitoring and ACT TODAY! Who is doing what? Why people like my competitors’ product? Can I grab them and make my customers?
The solution to all this is at your finger tips ‘one and only Social Media Monitoring’. 

Branding: Branding is what a Company should concentrate on and explore! For building online reputation in the giant global market it is pivotal to monitor. Monitor your brand where it stands as against your competitors and analyse precisely to strategise your further plan of action. These comparisons enable the company to built and develop their brand.

All the above factors are very essential for a company to survive and flourish in today’s business world.  So before it’s too late a Company should start Monitoring Social Media sites. Knock Knock! Hey I am ‘SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING TOOL, OPEN THE DOOR BEFORE I GO AWAY!’


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