Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to use LinkedIn for various purposes?

Once you have created your LinkedIn account, expanding your network and utilizing it goes on simultaneously. In the previous post I had explained how you can increase network connections and get in touch with the person you wish. And now I would try to focus on its exploration and usability. One should be aware of the usage of LinkedIn as it helps you in the wide business scenario.
The essential uses of LinkedIn can be:
Increases Your Brand's Visibility:
LinkedIn can be utilized for increasing brand visibility! It helps in promoting the product while you regularly update on the new features, presentations, blogs etc. You can also answer the questions which relates to your products and services, for example Question like "where can I find content writer?" If you fit the bill you can participate there.
LinkedIn as a Recruiting Tool:
It can be used by the head hunters and recruiters to find the candidates as per their requirement. It can also be used vis a vis by the job seeker to find a job. It helps you to find right person for the right job ultimately reducing your work effort.
Generates Sales Leads:
It can be used to explore new business avenues and partners who would be interested in your product and services. Also if your lead generation turns into closing of sales, you can ask them to give a recommendation on LinkedIn. You can get your service recommended in Services category of LinkedIn. The more recommendations you have, the better your business looks.
It helps to generate traffic and support SEO:
It increases your visitors on your website which promotes your company on LinkedIn. It may also translate in getting backlinks, if tour content is authentic and well-shared by many on the site.
Increases Your Credibility:
You can list your qualifications, past jobs experiences, current role, interests, awards and other achievements or statement of capabilities which shows your credibility.
So LinkedIn can be used either by the buyer or the seller, it is a place where both widen their horizons as well as look into others universe and put it to their constructive use with each other. It can be used by business owners, account managers, business development managers and anyone else who is in sales, marketing, finance and HR.


  1. Many LinkedIn users stop using the site after creating a profile, But I am sure that now onwards everybody will take Linkedin seriously… Thanks for sharing such a nice article