Friday, July 1, 2011

Who Is the King of Social Network: Google+ or Facebook

Recently a new service Google+1 has been introduced, one more social networking site offered by Google represents a real rival to the Facebook’s Like button. After the hit by facebook on orkut, Google can no longer wait to take its revenge. The main aim for this project is to competite with facebook. Now google is ready in the battlegrounds for battle. Plus one helps to estimate what exactly people are interested of and concerned about. 

On the first look, Google+ looks cleaner, snappier and more intuitive than Facebook. And after having it used for nearly a day, the opinion has grown stronger. Every part of the user interface is faster than Facebook, and yet better on eyes. Searching for people, for instance, is super fast. Think of people search as Google Instant for Social.

This new service of Google+ will obviously enjoy high popularity among internet users as Google is the largest search engine in the world. Over half of incoming traffic comes from Google and this number is the hugest among the traffics from other sites. But can not ignore the fact that, the social networking site Facebook rank just next to it and takes the second place referring traffic.
It is worth to have Google+ button now on websites, just as Facebook. Google has become more social and its spreading faster and faster. I am with Google+ are you too?

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